Penrith Methodist Circuit



The Penrith Methodist Circuit lies at the heart of the Eden Valley stretching from Shap and Sleagill in the south to Plumpton and Skelton in the north. You will receive a warm welcome in any of our chapels as you encounter worship and fellowship in a variety of settings.

When you worship with us you may encounter traditional or contemporary, loud or quiet but above all else we pray that you will encounter God in a real and personal way. Whether it is in the large market town chapel of Penrith or one of the small village chapels, the members of our circuit seek to worship God and live out the Gospel in many different settings and contexts.

In the Penrith Circuit we do not believe in standing still and you may wish to look at some of the projects that are going on around the circuit at Cottage Wood, Stainton and through our youth team.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact the circuit office.

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